Keep half of the grill cooler.  Whether over coals or gas, if you have high heat on one side you can get a good sear and crust, and then move product to the cooler side to continue cooking without burning it.  You also have a safe space in case you get too much flare up and you start to panic. 

Use tongs over something like a meat fork to move meats on the grill.  Poking holes in meat drains the coveted juices 

Try not to touch or move things on the grill too much.  It is natural to want to play with everything, I know it's fun, but you get the best grill marks and char crust if you just let it cook.

If the meat or any product sticks to the grill grate, do not pull at it until it comes loss.  When the meat sticks it is still cooking, and it will become loose when it is ready to be flipped.  If you have to pry it off try to use a spatula instead of tugging at it with a tongs.  Having a hot grill which has been well scraped will keep foods from sticking in most cases 

Cooking Tips 

Most Important Ever: 

Read All Recipes All The Way Through Before You Start To Cook 

The number one killer of all recipes world wide.  It's like getting in a car and driving away having never driven a car, or maybe even seen a car before.  

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