Seared Brussels Sprouts

This is a very simple side, which eats like an entree.  Add a nice piece of grilled fish, meat, or fried egg on top and it is a whole dish.  The best Brussels sprouts our cooked with a little char on the outside, so don't be afraid to burn them a bit, they are forgiving 

Makes enough for 4 - 6 people 

1 #       Brussels Sprouts, stem end trimmed and halved 

1 Tbls   Vegetable or soy oil

5 oz     Spicy Maple Mustard BBQ Sauce 

(Optional) 2 strips of bacon, cut small 

   In a wok or heavy sauce pan heat the oil on high heat until it starts to lightly smoke.  Add the cut Brussels sprouts (be careful because the sprouts and oil will pop and may splash).  The longer you leave the sprouts in the pan without stirring them the nicer brown or charred look and taste the sprouts will get, so the longer you can stand not stirring them the better the look and flavor will be (you can also add the bacon at this point)  When you get a little color on the sprouts you can turn down the heat and stir or shake the sprouts as they cook.  Add the Spicy Maple Mustard BBQ Sauce and let it cook into the sprouts, stirring or shaking so it coats and doesn't burn.  When the sprouts are soft and still a little al dente in texture they are ready.  If the sprouts are not cooked yet and you are worried the sauce might burn you can add a splash or water to the pan and continue cooking.  Add some salt and pepper to taste and there you have it


Maple Mustard BBQ Sauce 

​Vermont Maple & Smoke